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Collaborative Law

We have lawyers trained and certified in collaborative law to address any family law issue.


Collaborative law is a form of alternate dispute resolution in which the lawyers and parties work together to resolve issues in a mutually acceptable settlement. If parties agree to use the collaborative law approach, the lawyers and parties sign an agreement where the case cannot proceed to litigation in the court. The lawyers must withdraw from the case if either party initiates any action in the court system.


The purpose of collaborative law is to foster respectful communication between the lawyers and parties and to reach an amicable settlement. Collaborative lawyers may work with other professionals, such as independent financial planners or parenting coaches, to assist the parties in reaching a settlement.


Collaborative law can be a more cost effective, more efficient and less stressful alternative to the traditional litigation approach to family law issues.



Collaborative law is a growing trend of alternative dispute resolution to divorce matters.



The attorneys at Bunde, Gillotti, Mulroy & Shultz can answer questions regarding collaborative law and represent clients in the process if the choose to pursue that path.



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