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Property Distribution / Equitable Distribution

Equitable distribution is the process of dividing the assets and debts accumulated during marriage following separation.


Equitable distribution does not necessarily dictate an equal division of assets and debts. The attorneys of BGMS have handled cases with millions of dollars in marital assets and are experienced in negotiating or litigating the best manner in which to distribute assets in marital estates with few assets and those with a very high value. If an agreement is not reached by the parties, the court will hear testimony and apply the factors listed in the Pennsylvania Divorce Code to determine the assets and debts each party should receive at equitable distribution.


The attorneys of BGMS are experienced in all factors relating to equitable distribution. The process of identifying and valuing marital assets and debts may be complex. Our attorneys are experienced in the process of discovery to obtain a full and fair accounting of all assets, including business interests. We also work with a variety of experts to properly identify and value all marital assets. We also are cognizant of the various tax consequences of distributing marital assets.



The division of property can be the most complicated aspect of a divorce. Each case is unique and the division of assets can be influenced by advocacy.


The attorneys at Bunde, Gillotti, Mulry and Shultz have handled cases involving millions of dollars. That experience allows our clients to be in the best possible situation when dividing assets.


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