Spousal Support and Alimony Pittsburgh PA

Spousal Support and Alimony Pittsburgh PA

The lawyers at Bunde, Gillotti, Mulroy & Shultz P.C. (BGMS) have many years experience negotiating alimony and spousal support. This includes cases with complex, high net worth issues and cases without such issues. Each case is unique and the lawyers at BGMS are experienced in all cases.


The process for working through asset division and ongoing spousal support for high-value clients is the same as any other divorce, just more in-depth. Whether you are the spouse who is aiming to receive or pay alimony or support, we will carefully research and analyze your financial situation to ensure the best possible outcome.




Alimony is support made to a former spouse after a divorce. Pennsylvania does recognize alimony as a remedy in divorce cases. However, alimony is not awarded in every case, and the amount and duration of alimony are governed by factors set forth in the Pennsylvania Divorce Code. The support guidelines do not apply to alimony. Alimony is generally based upon need and is decided in conjunction with equitable distribution of marital assets. An award of a greater percentage of marital assets may be made in lieu of alimony.


Spousal Support


Following separation and prior to the filing of a divorce complaint, spousal support issues often arise. In most circumstances, the party that earns the greatest income will support the other.


The amount of support is based upon Pennsylvania support guidelines. Several factors can adjust the support amount including, health insurance premiums, mortgage payments, child support payments and any other obligations paid for the benefit of the other party.






Alimony and spousal support are complex areas of divorce law, especially when it comes to high net worth individuals. Allow us to put the experience and expertise of the attorneys at  Bunde, Gillotti, Mulroy & Shultz to work for you.


BGMS lawyers have lots of experience in this area and can really help clarify and streamline the process. We advocate zealously on your behalf while protecting the personal and financial best interests of both you and your children.



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